Code for Morocco

Who we are?

Code for Morocco is part of the Code for Africa initiative which aims  to promote informed decision-making that drives social change. We use information and communication technology tools, to provide citizens with the right information to make fair decisions and have a clear vision.

What we do?

Open data allows citizens to participate and monitor the development of the country in order to have a strong democracy dependent on committed citizens. For this reason we support NGO’s  to meaningfully engage with citizens.


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Our Projects


Sihatouka, a new way using technology to explore the impact of open data health. Sihatouka is a feedback platform dedicated to citizens to assess health care services of Moroccan hospitals on the basis of international standards (WHO). The project aims at better understand data using visualization in real time and in a presentable way.

Open Data Education

The project aims to create an online parent guide using open data to help parents make informed choices and better decisions about their children’s education. Parents would be able to better understand how their child is performing compared to others.


GovTrack is an online dashboard that visualizes measurement results of the Moroccan Government performance against the objectives that have been outlined in the five year programme 2016-2021.

Can we get the citizens to own the elections process? is an election-monitoring  built for fall 2011 parliamentary elections in Morocco and offered people the ability to report elections irregularities through SMS, facebook, and twitter. is a  participatory platform that recorded  important and significant debates about the Moroccan constitution of 2011. The platform has helped thousands of Moroccan users to read the constitution, debate, vote articles, and make proposals about each article. is a corruption reporting tool that enables citizens to map incidents of bribery in Morocco through the online platform, or using social network.

Code for Morocco is a member of the continental Code for Africa federation. The federation is Africa’s largest network of indigenous civic technology and open data laboratories, with affiliate members in 10 African countries and funded projects in a further 12 countries. The federation works with governments, grassroots citizen organisations, and the media to help liberate data and empower citizens. Our programmes include fellowships, tool building, data digitisation, and knowledge development, with a strong emphasis on civic engagement.



Data Literacy Bootcamp (d|Bootcamp) in Casablanca, Morocco

It was with enormous pleasure and sense of accomplishment that we run a successful 3-day event, the Data Journalism Bootcamp – d|Bootcamp, in Casablanca, Morocco. The d|Bootcamp was the opportunity to explore how Moroccan people can access, use and reuse open data to contribute to the development of fields in morocco. The d|Bootcamp brought together  international speakers, local data journalists and civic watchdogs, alongside technologists and digital designers, for hands-on learning and collaboration on different team projects.!


StoryLab Academy to support newsrooms in 12 African cities

The training, in partnership with Google News Lab, will combine face-to-face mentorship and online tuition.